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Download Free Webnus Modern Events Calendar Pro v5.17.6 Webnus Modern Events Calendar Pro Free Download 5.17.6 – Webnus | Download Free Webnus Modern Events Calendar Pro v5.17.6 help to manage the best WordPress event calendar plugin for your events in the quickest, easiest and most modern manner. WordPress event calendar is the best solution for the development of an event management platform since the population of WordPress users worldwide is increasing, along with the growth of the tools and functionality of WordPress. The Modern Events Calendar provides you with various options for the design and administration of your Events as the best events plugin. Event Management Solution for All Businesses Modern calendars of events have been developed to organize events within various companies such as education, restaurants, municipalities, etc. And sell tickets quickly, earn income and develop your company. Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Status Because event managers face all problems caused by event cancellations and the need for online activities to be run immediately, they have to take into account. Our team is therefore trying to better assist its audience. Event Display Layouts The most elegant and realistic style of the modern calendar of events includes all WordPress calendars. It was developed using modern methods of design. If you ever wanted to have event planning on your platform, MEC plugin has over 50 templates of different skins and its magnificent layouts combine design and functionality effectively. Responsive and Mobile-Friendly With ten years of experience in designing WordPress themes, the webnus development team is able to make reactive elements, which is why MEC’s views are perfectly sensitive and mobile. Front-end Event Submission You should send your own planned events to your users. They can also email their events and event planners can easily handle them with all the required information. Booking, Ticket and Invoices You can easily use MEC Booking features to sell your events on your website. Create your own individual participant registration forms. Accept Credit Card, PayPal and Stripe safe payment. You can create your own invoice by using the advanced Ticket & Invoice add-on. QR ticket codes allow you to inspect participants using a QR scanner. Fluent View Layouts New skin built for the future are fluent visual layouts. These skins are designed to make your website even more attractive and are admired by your tourists with great excitement.

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