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The plugin will also provide you with dedicated elements to embed media elements from a variety of sources. Currently, self-hosted HTML5 audio and video files, and videos from YouTube, DailyMotion and Vimeo are supported. All videos can either be directly inserted via iFrame or with a preview image (or a variety of other triggers) to be opened in a lightbox.

View HTML5 Audios / View HTML5 Videos / View YouTube Videos / View DailyMotion Videos / View Vimeo Videos

Counter Elements

Visual Composer Extensions includes three different counter elements, including a countdown element with multiple styles and effects. Showcase your achievements or other statistics with the “Icon Counter” or “Circle Counter” element or count down to a certain date or time with the “Countdown Timer” element.

View Countdown Timer / View Circle Counter / View Icon Counter

Timelines and Processes

Whenever you need to provide your viewers with a graphic depiction of processes or timelines, Visual Composer Extensions got you covered. The “Isotope Timeline” element is not only beautiful, but also flexible enough with options such as featured media items for each event, sorting options and much more. And for basic timelines and processes, you will receive three different styles to select from with the “Timelines & Processes” element.

View Isotope Timeline / View Timelines & Processes

Icon Font Elements

The plugin includes 12 different icon fonts, giving you access to over 3,200+ different icons. You can also upload a custom icon font. To make the best use out of the icons, multiple elements have been designed around the usage of font icons. There are also other elements that are part of Visual Composer Extensions that can utilize icon fonts, when beneficial to the element.

View Simple Font Icons / View Icon Boxes / View Content Flip Box / View Icon Lists / View Icon Titles / View Icon Buttons / View Social Networks

Other / More Elements

The plugin includes many other elements that are not easily grouped together, so we will list them here. Some of those elements also come in multiple styles (i.e. “Pricing Tables” element or “Divider Lines” element).

View Animation Frame / View Anything Slider / View Rating Scales / View Teaser Blocks / View Figure Navigation / View QR-Code Blocks / View Pricing Tables / View Textillate / View Divider Lines

Row + Column Features

Visual Composer Extensions gives you the option to add some new features to your rows and columns. Now you can easily apply the same 60+ CSS3 animations to your rows and columns as you can to the new icon content elements. But that’s not all. For your rows, you can now use full width background images, apply a parallax effect (up, down, left, right) to a background image, use a gradient color background or even a YouTube video. Please note that advanced effects such as parallax or full width images will strongly depend upon your theme and/or framework and will automatically be disabled on mobile devices in order to ensure performance and compatibility.

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