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Progress Map is a WordPress plugin for location based listings. The aim is to help users having websites like hotel listings, real estate listings, restaurant listings, job listings, store listings & more… to list their locations on Google map and to easily navigate through the map using a carousel.

In other words, with Progress Map, your locations are going to be published on both Google map (as Markers) and on a carousel. The carousel will be connected to the map, which means that the selected item in the carousel will target its location on the map and vice versa.

To add your locations, Progress Map provides a form area in the “Add new post” page allowing you to – easily – add your location’s coordinates.

Progress Map comes with the Possibility to work with the default Post Types (Posts & Pages) as well as Custom Post Types. There’s no limit constraints on the number of Custom Post types to use. Just install the plugin, go to the plugin settings page, select the Post Type that you want to use with your map and you are ready to go.

Download Free Progress Map WordPress Plugin v2.8.2 Changelog

18.04.2016 – version 2.8.2
– New: Added options to disable scripts & stylsheets suspected of creating conflicts with themes.
– Added option to drag the map to the nearest zone containing the markers when filtering locations. Option available in “Faceted search settings / Drag the map”.
– Fixed an issue where custom markers uploaded from the Add/Edit post page can not be displayed.

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Demo Download Free Progress Map WordPress Plugin v2.8.2

Download Download Free Progress Map WordPress Plugin v2.8.2

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