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JobRoller is the most popular job board theme for WordPress . Our feature-rich application theme was built for ease-of-use and tight integration with WordPress so you’ll be online, selling job listing space, and accepting new resumes within minutes.

It includes separate portals & tools for both job seekers and employers – everything you need to quickly deploy and establish your own online recruitment business!

With thousands of AppThemes customers and a very active community, you can trust that JobRoller is here to stay. To learn more about our features, continue reading below.

CHangelog Download Free Appthemes Jobroller v1.8
1.8 – 05/14/15
– Added missing ‘esc_url()’ or ‘esc_url_raw()’ for URL’s
– Sorting by jobs expiration date on backend job listings page
– Author posts link not being returned correctly for custom post types
– Job filtering not working as expected immediately after doing a search
– External job feeds triggering JS error when loading more results and none exist
– Some emails being sent from ‘ WordPress @domain’ instead of the email address specified in the settings page
– CSS Stylings for ‘Stripe’ payment gateway
– Removed actions ‘before_front_page_jobs’ and ‘after_front_page_jobs’ from job archive listings since they should only be triggered on the front page
– Updated jQuery UI file location (was causing an internal 404 error)
– Featured jobs per page option being ignored
– Undefined property: WP_Query::$queried_object when WP_DEBUG enabled
– Revamped backend settings page with richer descriptions and tooltips
– File structure reorganization
– Moved all core PHP code inside the main templates to internal files (meaning cleaner and smaller template files for easier child theming)
– Updated job preview page to display all fields available on the job submit page
– Moved all appearance settings to WordPress ‘s customizer page
– Added a default empty value for job types on job submit. The job type dropdown now default to ‘Select a job type’ instead of the first job type from the list
– Deleted ‘-process’ suffixed files inside ‘/forms/’ folder ( (e.g: application-process.php, filter-process.php, etc)). Moved respective functions to ‘forms.php’
– Replaced sprites with font icons where used
– Tweaks to all theme color schemes for a more modern look
– Deleted obsolete images from images folder
– Removed ‘theme-‘ prefix from most of the files in ‘/includes’ folder
– Simplified most of the template files by moving PHP code to internal files
– Updated payment gateways HTML markup
– Moved custom forms from ‘Jobs’ to it’s own menu named ‘Forms’
– Deleted obsolete ‘countries.php’ file
– Deleted obsolete template files: ‘taxonomy-job_cat’, ‘taxonomy-job_type’, ‘taxonomy-job_tag’, ‘taxonomy-job_salary’
– Updated placeholder ad 125×125 images and removed the default border
– Removed ‘Dashboard’ from WP toolbar
– Restored WP toolbar items being removed by JobRoller
– Responsive backend jobs, resumes, orders, subscriptions and alerts listings
– Logo has been upgraded with a flat look and now supports retina/hdpi devices. Tagline has been removed as well.
– Use new AppThemes options API (updated settings page) – replaced all ocurrences of ‘get_option()’ for jobroller options with ‘$jr_options’ global (e.g: $jr_options->option_name)
– Front page is now a static page
– Front page jobs now display ‘More’ instead of page numbers (redirects users to job archives page on click)
– Front page jobs can display different number of regular/featured jobs then the main jobs archive page
– Jobs importer for importing jobs from .csv files
– Added ‘examples’ folder with two .csv example files
– Added support for Google Geo Maps API key to be able to manage search quotas
– Compulsory registration of job seeker before applying for a job
– Custom forms for Resumes (add any field, including file upload fields for resumes – located under ‘Forms’)
– Added ‘Allow Comments’ option for job listings
– Added new sortable ‘Addon(s)’ column on backend job listings page
– New template file for customizing 3rd party job feeds markup
– New template file for pagination
– New template file for custom resume fields
– Allow appending a hidden default keyword to Indeed searches for more accurate results
– Added jQuery validation to all forms (validates fields without submitting the form)
– Added jQuery email validation on email fields
– Allow specifying internal keywords for Indeed searches – helps retrieving more relevant jobs on user searches
– AppThemes ‘Add-Ons Marketplace’ integration under the JobRoller menu (browse add-ons directly from your WordPress dashboard)
– Optional multi-column footer customizable within WordPress Customizer (change footer width, columns width and number of columns)
– Color customizations added to WordPress Customizer (header color, background color, links color, buttons color, etc)
– Optional breadcrumbs navigation
– Added option to set number of jobs displayed on front page
– Added option to set number of featured jobs displayed on front page
– Use ‘Home’ for static front page and ‘Blog’ for posts page, in WordPress reading settings
– Cleaned up main template pages from unused code
– Added page indication to resumes archive page title
– Added font icons to single page listing for: job location, job taxonomies, job remaining days
– Auto install JobRoller default widgets on fresh theme installs

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